"Hi, I'm Luke and welcome to the Disciplined Trader Academy!"

My aim for this platform is to provide a range of content and resources to help traders develop the trading skills and discipline I believe is absolutely pivotal to any trader's success.

I have been trading for over seven years and it took me a considerable amount of time and effort to become consistently profitable. During that time, I tried a mixture of different methods to help improve my trading fortunes. I read various books, watched countless tutorial videos, signed up with different teachers and attended live webinars and trading rooms to learn all I could so that I could join the revered 5% of traders that make consistent profits. My aim with trading has always been to be able to make a living from it and to have the lifestyle it enables those who master it to have. By that I don't mean flashy cars and huge houses; simply the freedom trading can afford you to spend on other things that are important to you, where a regular job would not.

I have traded various markets over the years and my approach has developed as I have progressed. I started by day trading exclusively, first on the Forex major and minor pairs before starting to trade indices as well. I thought for a long time that day trading suited my personality and lifestyle quite well but over the last 12-18 months I have realised that I much prefer swing trading. It allows me to trade quality over quantity and it’s much easier to not get sucked into over-trading as it requires a lot less screen time than when day trading.

Luke from Disciplined Trader

A lot of people will tell you that learning to trade is not an easy task and takes a solid amount of time to even become a break-even trader and I could not reinforce this more. Becoming a profitable trader took me longer than I ever thought it would and I think if I would have had realistic expectations from the outset, the journey may have been shortened slightly (and been a lot less frustrating!).

That's exactly what I hope I can do for many traders out there; maybe you are one of them. Through this platform, I aim to teach all the skills needed to become a profitable trader and try to provide all traders with a realistic outlook on both what is required to become a successful trader, and what a successful trader looks like.

I have made a free Trading Basics course on this website and YouTube that should be a great starting point for anyone new to trading and wanting to learn more. You can subscribe to the Disciplined Trader YouTube Channel to get instant updates when new content is posted.

I wish you all the best with your trading journey and look forward to you joining the Disciplined Trader community!