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New Strategy Tracker Feature

This feature allows the user to track the specific performance of different strategies within the journal. This can help a trader understand which strategy is working well and how. It can also be used to track any variable you want, it doesn't have to be used to track strategies only. Watch the video below to find out more about the strategy tracker

Responsive Dashboard

The journal dashboard automatically calculates key metrics from your trading data to give you a quick overview of your trading results both in statistical format and via different graphs

Detailed Graphical Analysis

The journal has a dedicated page for displaying all your trading data in various graphs. These include an Account Growth Per Trade graph, Trade Duration vs Result scatter graph and End of Month Equity graph among others

Examine Your Results

The journal has a dedicated Trade Summary page that breaks down all your trading data to calculate the details you need to know. These include simple metrics like number of trades taken, P/L and win rate. It also includes more complex metrics such as trade expectancy, averaged returned R multiple and average trade duration

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All Premium Journal customers get access to the

Disciplined Trader Community where I offer full journal

support. This includes video tutorials for the journal, bug fixes, improvement suggestions and Q&As 👍


Do I need Excel?

The journal is made in Excel so I can't guarantee it will work as it should in other spreadsheet programs

You can get Excel online for free (legally) by following the instructions in this video - Get Excel Online For Free

Are the Journals finished?

The journals have been thoroughly tested by myself and the community of traders using them. It's very unlikely you will find any issues with the journals but I provide support if you do. That's why you get lifetime access to the support community included with the purchase. Any issues reported in the community will be quickly fixed and updated.

Can I get a refund?

No, refunds are not offered on this product. Please make sure you are happy with what you are purchasing before committing to buying the product. A video demonstration can be found on this page as well as a comprehensive list of all the details about the journal.

You can also watch full run throughs of all the journal versions by watching this playlist of videos - Full Journal Run Through Playlist

What markets can these be used for?

There is a Crypto, Lots (Forex), Spread Bet and Shares version of the journal.

Do you show me how to use the journal?

Yes, there is a full comprehensive video series that goes through each section of the journal. You can also contact me via the community page should you have any other queries

I want to make changes to the journal, can I do that?

Yes but please be aware due to the amount of formulas in the spreadsheet it is quite easy to break. I'd advise having a good knowledge of Excel before trying to make changes to the formulas. Cosmetic changes are relatively easy to do if desired.


I can't make changes to each individual journal. The journal community section has a 'suggestions' section where you can make suggestions for future changes and updates. If this is then supported by multiple members of the community, I will look to add these requested features where possible.

This is NOT a custom journal service.

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